Length implementation of the exercise

implementation of the exercise“Normal” circuit training (meaningfully assembled and led by an experienced instructor or trainer) is for women who want to lose weight, solidifying or sculpt a figure greater importance than aerobic training of low or moderate intensity (e.g. running on a belt or in Cross Trainers fitness center or the previously mentioned Sumba and various forms of aerobics, etc.). This could be the No. 1 argument, why would women not “afraid” to strengthen and lift weights.

Circuit training can be very acceptable and appropriate solution. Of course, it must meet certain criteria – I will mention the main ones: Number of sites in Circuit Training: 8 or more Option exercises: choose rather simpler (the bodybuilder), but not to worry here and there to include more technically demanding exercise (handgrip bent, squats, dead lifts, etc.  you should not miss this

this is true for exercises with free weights or unconventional fitness tools) of weight: rather lighter, allowing to perform the selected exercise technically correct for the selected period, i.e. from 30 to 45 seconds Length implementation of the exercise: 30-45 seconds Length of the pause between exercises: 15-20 seconds Training unit length: 40-60 minutes The number of “circles” in the training session: 3-4 Of course this is true, what was mentioned earlier, and it is the right technique execution of all selected exercises.


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