A weight loss plan

A weight loss planJohn Barban Review – Snacks (morning 10-11 h) (afternoon 15 to 17 h) Snacks are very important for weight loss, although often we say that we have no time – but there are plenty of suitable options to give you a little something. They should cover about 5-10% of the daily dose of energy. The best are: sour milk products (yogurt, kefir, yogurt, acidophilus milk) – is a lot of flavor, and each day you can try another (or have them add fresh fruit).

Additionally, this dairy product resolves the problem of fluid. At mid-morning snack, we should not forget the fruit. The alternation can choose to snacks such as a piece of vegetable with dairy products (e.g. tomato and cottage cheese, paprika and cheese 30%) When hunger or higher at a higher physical activity will help various fragile breads, sandwiches active, Crisp bread, which can lubricate the cream cheese and garnish with cheese or ham or poultry have them with yogurt. highly recommended

Lunch (12-13 h) Lunch should 25-30% of the daily dose of energy. The best option is a warm lunch. Soups rather give priority to stocks, but if you want to reduce weight, soups are not necessary and instead  At lunch, you choose so that you have a plate of protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables (in any form – steamed, boiled, like the sky, salad).


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