Reasons Not To Follow The Weight Loss

Way to longevityJohn Barban Review – Reasons not to decrease weight, despite the implementation of all means and attempts when they do not benefit the usual means to lose weight may do you get frustrated, but it is necessary to search in earnest for the reasons the background to this issue and that may fall under the so-called medical reasons purely in the body is not as we envision an increase in nutrition or lack of movement or eating food with content prices high, and we will address these reasons each separately as follows: –  *)

Thyroid: – suffering woman out of every ten women at some stage of life from a shortage in the work of the thyroid gland is known that the thyroid of the most important functions regulate the body’s need of energy and thus the lack of work leads to a contraction of calories burned and then piling up of kilograms in the body without burning it and benefit from it the most important symptoms of low efficiency of the thyroid gland is the decadence and dry skin and pounding hair and aching joints and poor memory long in addition to obesity and this symptoms do not come together usually do not need to review a specialist doctor when feeling to one of the symptoms prior to ensure the efficient functioning of the thyroid gland  *) . exactly the techniques

Sensitivity: – in the science of allergies classified overweight from eating certain foods that do not fit the body when dealing with food suffer from allergies than the Rose reaction between the immune system and food lead to the production of histamine by white blood cells and causes histamine leakage of fluid from blood vessels and capillaries to the perimeter of the cells seems to fluid retention like fat and you had to do just to press your thumb firmly on the joint between the thumb and index finger, the left position for more than a second then you are suffering from fluid retention and with eating these foods allergens are getting these fluids allergens is the most important food allergens are wheat , eggs, bananas and milk products and there is a simple test in which you can identify the foods that cause allergy you have, and that if I felt bloating nagging Once you eat this food is the allergen has led to undesirable consequences in the long term


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